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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Upcoming updates on CRYPTO-PHP

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A quick message just to say that some new updates will be available very soon !

I took a few months of rest since the last update (rest about coding) , so I've not worked on the bot since a few months except to fix some bug and some minor update.


Now I'm back on the dev !


- 1st new update coming soon

The first new update to come on CRYPTO-PHP will be a new and experimental "project" that allow good trader to send a signal to all bots, and only on CRYPTO-PHP. NO AUTOMATED SIGNAL !

All of this is made on my thought, and I won't to make another automated signaling service,


The first "good trader" to start to using this script is my friend, @autoexecwho have started his own signal group on telegram and already shared very good result.

I created a special interface for him, there is no way to send an automated signal .

@autoexec is studying chart and sending only 1 or 2 signals by day, I'm trusting him because he is supporting me since the very first day of CRYPTO-PHP 

I'm also making this update to helping @autoexec users to automate their trades.

More details about this experimental project:

- No way to send a automated signal

- Signal are sent with some data like take profit value (a simple % for your autosell) and term (short,long),other general options like the trailing script will be availale as well.

- There is also a good feature that allow autoexec to send another signal that buy your coin with a lower price to try to make a good average price (if the price is lower at the time of the signal, of course). If it's happen, your first order for the coin in the signal will be cancelled,bot will buy the same quantity but with a lower price. Something like DCA , but not really 😛 


All of this will be 100% free, maybe a premium license will come in the future, but you'll  get at least 1 or 2 premium signal for free if it's happen , it's on the deal between @autoexec and I !

For the firts 2 months, all will be 100% free.


That's all for this one.

If you know a good trader who can be interested in this project (crypto twitter, telegram admin channel), please contact me ! 

I'm providing all of this for free on a personal VPS, as well :D 


Important: For now autoexec is sending signal only on binance, so this mode will not be available for now on bittrex.


- 2nd new update coming soon

The second one, it's a quick scalping between some major market !

If you don't know what is a scalping strategy :

It's  when you trade on a market to try to get a little profit on the volatily.


Place buy order at -0.4% of the current market price, and sell at current price or +0.4%, then restart and do it all the day, and fastly !

This is a good way to accumulate more BTC  with the USDT pair on a bear market for example, so it work well when the bitcoin price (or whatever coin you use) is dropping .

It will be very easy to use ! Only important option will be available (market selection , open/close percentage, stop loss, stop buy based on stop loss count, stop buy based on bitcoin price) So only 3/4 block in your configuration page !


This update is well advanced and but I'm currently focused on the first one.


- 3rd new update coming soon

Not very soon, but soon 😛 This will be a cool and , simple and very useful update for users who like to program order in a semi-automated way.

You'll be albe to program your order in your configuration page , example:

Monitor BTC-LTC market, and when the price is X, place buy order with X btc, then, if filed, place sell order at X%. If sell order is filed, restart X times .

So when you come first in this mode, you have to create multiple alert and then, let the bot working for you.

Is just an idea, but I think it can be very useful and easy to add :) 



I'm also considering adding Kucoin on the exchange list, but I'm waiting before for a final statement on US regulations ;)

And about this US regulation, just let you know that in case of you're not able to trade on binance (or bittrex) with your IP, you'll be able to trade on it using the CRYPTO-PHP interface, but you'll need a non-US account on the exchange website .


Thanks for reading my thread, and hope you enjoy CRYPTO-PHP.

I'll come back very soon with the annoucement of the first update !


More updates, more features, but always the same price :) 

Have a good day !


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