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[UPDATE] New signals pages, full signals log, market order,discord live trades & new general features

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Hi :) 

A new update is now available :D 

If you have a problem with your interface, please clean your browser cache.


What's new ?



- New signal page for each provider


 General (signal):

- Added all option to a dedicated block with tooltip 

- Easy switch your mode using the select box ( don't need to click on an update button)

- Signal table on head

- Added Market order option

- Added license view/checker on signal page

- Added real time refresh on signal view in main page 

- Full signals logs:



Mining Hamster:

- Added support for sell signals

- Removed "useless" signal mode 


Crypto quality signals:

- Added support for Risk

- You can now select multiple risk, term, type as you can see on the screen.

- If you have a premium license and if you choose to trade only the premium signal, you'll also see the free signals.

- Same for others values like term and risk, if you choose to trade only "mid" term for example, you'll also see the others signals.




New features:

- Order expiration (with full log in log page)



- Stop buy


Count stop loss hit in a duration. You select the duration and the number of hit to trigger the stop buy function. When the stop buy function is ON, no more buy order will be placed by the bot. 
The stop buy function will be turned off when your stop loss hit is smaller than your selected value in your duration.
You can check the current stop loss hit in your duration on the stop buy block (config page)


Manual page:

- Added button to add your coin to the trailing list


Stats page:

- Added profit/loss on result



- Select the number of trade in the main trade history



- Order list is now updated every 1 min in your main page

- Exchange link on pair in your table

- General design fix/update


That's all for the bot update .


But I have something more: a discord live trade channel.

I made this discord bot only for fun  :)  Let me explain how it work :


Everyone will soon be able to join a new channel on discord: #live-trade

On this channel, you'll see;

- All trades made by a crypto-php bot using mining hamster and crypto quality signals (buy and sell)

- All CQS and MH signals (premium signals are hidden, they will be shown later).

- Infos after 15 min, 1 hour and 3 hours about all signals (btc volume, order opened,...)

- 24h General infos


By default this option is Anonymous, but you can choose to show your bot username if you want.



The live-trade channel is private for now because the bot is not finished, but if you want to acces it, please contact me on discord.

Updated: Channel live


Hope you'll like this update :) 

Have a good day :) 

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