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[UPDATE] Crypto Quality Signals, a free signaling service, is now available on your bot

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Hello :D 

I work since one week on this "surprise" update , now it's live, I'm proud to announce that a new ( and free! ) signaling service is now available!



What's Crypto Quality Signals ?



CQS provide qualified signals for trading on several exchanges

Started as a Telegram group and quickly evolved to have a Telegram channel and a website as well. Different from other groups and channels, CQS publish signals, without annoying news, advertising or cross promos, making  content clean and optimal for the professional or amateur trader.

The signals come from different sources, but they are verified before being published, to be sure they are still good and valid, so users don’t have to worry about anything but profitting.

Anyway, CQS cannot promise any profit level, nor even promise you are going to profit by using CQS signals, but  daily reports have proven that all CQS signals are profittable, as soon as you buy right after the signal is issued and you manage to sell when the price is near its highest range. Near 73% of CQS signals reach the first target, 25% also reach the second or third targets. However, CQS cannot guarantee that any target will be reached.


As you can see, CQS provide signal from different telegram group / website, this is not the same like my friend the mining hamster .


The integration is similar to the mining hamster integration :cryptoq_signal.png


What's the 3 targets ?

These are sales targets provied by CQS , you can use theses targets to place your sell order if you want.

The 3 targets re not always sent, sometime only one  or two targets are sent .

If you want to use  a target, but if is empty, the bot will use the target available before your current target (ex: You use the 3rd target but he is empty, the bot will use the 2nd).


The delay is the same as the mining hamster integration, less than 1 sec to buy a signal after CQS have sent it.

Everyone can use it, for free, no hidden fee !


To enable the Crypto Quality Signals on your bot, it's very easy :

** For all current users , if you use Google Chrome, you have to clean your browser cache**


- On your main menu , click on Signals, Crypto Quality Signals 

Then, you'll see the licence page :


- Click on "Enable licence" and your licence will be activated !

That's all !

Now , in your config page, switch to the signal mode, and  switch to the Crypto Quality Signals submode, do your config, check "automatic", click on the update button and you're ok ! The bot will buy the next signal  .


Hope you will appreciate this little surprise :dance3:

I created the #crypto-quality-signals on our discord if you want to talk about CQS : discord.gg/Sny4rYr


Any reactions, comments or questions are welcome :) 

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5 minutes ago, wisetrader said:

Well done!

can both CQS and MH be used at the same time?

Ahah , I was waiting for this question :P 

It's not possible sorry, but I will consider it for a next update :) 

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