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[UPDATE] Presentation of the manual interface

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Presentation of the manual interface





- Dedicated amount

- Easy BUY/SELL 

- Easy BUY/SELL  with condition (date/price)

- Action table

- Holding system

- History table 



Now, don't need to use your exchange website to do some manual action, you can do everything with this interface .

In this interface, you can check your open orders , your wallet , the status of your action and your history (also added in your general trade history on the main page).

You can use this interface when your bot is turned on, no problem, you can check the difference between manual orders & normal orders, in your header  & main page (ex: blue (+1) in the header and blue color on your main page) .

It's also possible to use a dedicated amount only for this manual interface, your automated bot will ignore them :) 



General buy/sell action :



As you can see on this screen, you see in real time the price of your coin before making your action.

You can select the price between : Ask,Bid,Last or your custom rate.

You can do a a simple & instant buy/sell, or programming by price & date :) 


On the screen, i've programmed a buy and a sell action for WAVES

Example for the buy example:

- Buy  WAVES when the price is <= 0.00060 , from the 2018-03-14

So the script will check in a infinty loop the price of the WAVES coin, only after the  2018-03-14 00:00 and buy it if my condition are ok with 0.001 btc.


When you click on "Exec" your action is executed, if you have enabled conditions, you'll see your action in your "action view" table like this :



Put your mouse on the image to see more info about the condition (hover)


When you action is executed, the status change to "executed" or "executed & filed", if the status is "executed & filed" (order closed, you have your coins) he is added to your history table :




If you want to HOLD your coin and check the price to see your profit/loss, click on the "H" button :) 

Then your coin is added to your holding list :




That's all :)  Free to you to sell the coin when you want by clicking on the SELL button, or remove the coin from your holding list :) 

For each SELL button, you'll see the same sell table in the top of your page.

Exemple, if you click on the SELL button in your holding list, or in your "coin list" you'll see this table :




It's also possible to cancel/sell an order made by your automated bot on this interface, no problem.

Hope you'll like it, if you have a question, please ask :D 

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