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[UPDATE] Added: Loss control, blacklist & language selector

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Hi; I've just finished updating the bots, i've added 3 new features 


- Loss control

- Blacklist coin

- Language selector


Loss control

You can set a percentage for saving your btc if a coin fall to low.

Set percentage to : 50% and any coin that fall to -50% will be sell at the current price, nothing to do, just put your percentage ... This does not affect the bot or open order count.

loss1 - Copie.png

Be care!  if you set percentage to 5% by mistake, all coin after -5% will be sold!


Also you can follow how many coin are sell by the loss control function and when they were sold in the log:



Blacklist coin

If you want you can blacklist a coin and it will be ignored by the bot, it's easy just put the name of the coin in your blacklist:



And a little thing for the end: Language selector

You can now select properly your language , english and french only for the moment, but it's easy to add new language, now.


If you want to contribute to the add more languages, contact me :) 


Hope you'll like it, any comment is welcome ! (bot on poloniex will be updated tomorrow)


Next step: Add a service like cryptoping ^_^

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Very good, must check few Days the delisting List :) For all you find the list on Bittrex when you click on Bittrex Website Status, then Scroll down ;) 

German Language was good, no joke englisch is ok... :D 

Thanks for the work...I have 35% in the loss control...i think thats ok :) 

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Hi Billy ,

Two questions,

how to remove a crypto to the blacklist?

Loss control is compared to the price of the crypto when you buy it?

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They are no function to remove coin from blacklist, i'll add this very soon . ( send coin you want to remove in a support ticket )

The loss control compare the current price of your coin and the sell price you want :) 

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