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[UPDATE] Mining hamster integration: New signal mode and new trading interface

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Updated : 



Hi :) 

This monthly update is dedicated to mining-hamster: http://www.mininghamster.com/, an external signaling service :) 

This update is only for BITTREX bot, POLONIEX integration will be available in 1 or 2 weeks .


So, after working hard since 3 weeks to integrate mining hamster, before 2018 and after 2 weeks of beta, it's now available for everyone :) 

It's easy to integrate mining hamster on the current bot ... but I wanted to build something special and unique only available on crypto-php bot (mh interface).


- MH interface (beta)


(this is a screen of my personal interface, don't be afraid by the red and the two -100%, it's because it's my dev bot .)


So I've made a new interface dedicated to mining hamster, working without the bot , like a standalone mode or a add-on.

On this interface, you can check all mining hamster signals in real time and do some action with, like :


- Set a btc amount  for each signals

- BUY/SELL with one click

- Cancel your order(s)

- Choose a profit percentage for your sell order

- Autobuy when a signal appears (0 click)

- Autosell after clicking on BUY button , or use autobuy + autosell ( 0 click)

- Use your bot blacklist

You can also use all this action in a simulation mode .


Everything on this page is in real time, so don't need to refresh the page !

I've made this page with some javascript, so i highly recomend to use firefox to have a fast page and 0 "lag" .


Why beta ?

Please remember the "beta" term, is only for the MH interface, full automated integration is a stable version and work at 100% :) 

Because many people asked me for using the mining hamster integration , and because it required a lot a work to finish all what i want .

But be sure, all work good on the mh-interface, just sometime  you can find a little bug when you cancel an order or when your buy order is not instant filed.

But you can bypass all this "little" problem , you have to check on the new mh subforum for more info : https://www.crypto-php.com/forum/index.php?/forum/38-mining-hamster/


- Automated integration on tool page



Now please forget all about the mh interface, this mode is totaly different.

This this the full automated mode, you can find this  mode in your tool page .

This work with your bot configuration ( max open order,  cagnotte, blacklist , ... ).

You can choose which signal to buy (by mode) .

That's all ! Just check "Automatic" and start your bot :) 

The bot will buy all mh signals with your conditions and your configuration, it's the easiest mode to use on the bot i think !

The "signal list" is  in real time . 


That's all for the mh integration ! Hope you'll like it! 

This integration will be updated with the time by adding new function, like the "normal" bot :) 

Please check this new subforum : https://www.crypto-php.com/forum/index.php?/forum/38-mining-hamster/ for more info about this integration :)  (for bots users)

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1 hour ago, deonly said:




When will you add Poloniex integration?


Please read the 3rd line of my post ... :ab:

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I’m really glad I came across this bot! Thanks for the amazing job! Keep it up!

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The automated integration is now available for poloniex bots :) 

Mh interface will come later, i've some bug to fix before :) 

(Clean your browser cache if you have a problem with the design :) )

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