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[UPDATE] Added: LAB, error log, start/stop button & other little fix

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Hi :) 

All bot have been updated with the new update.


1 - Error log 

Now you can see a custom error log in your main page .

With this you can understand why the bot doesnt make order or other problem.






& more ...

Full errors details here.


2 - Start/stop button on main page 



3 - Lab - Easy test your configuration with a simulation on  lab.png  icon 

In this new page, you can test your configuration only with one click on "Start simulation".


It's your first time with the bot, and you want to be sure all is ok with your config, go on your lab and click on "start simulation" .

The bot will make a buy simulation with your actual and full config .






The simulation tell you if something went wrong:


example 1:


In this case, no enought btc to make a new order, to fix it:

- Reduce your "max open order" setting,

- Remove btc from your cagnottte

- Add more btc


example 2:


Here all is ok, just you have too much btc to make a order,  so the bot changes your amount equal to your "maximum amount to make a order" setting.


For each situation/config, you have all detail in the lab.



Withelist; I've added a status for each coin in your whitelist, when you buy a coin from your whitelist, the status change from 0 to 1 and it will be ignored for 24 hours.

So now in the whitelist mode, the bot ignore coin buyed the last 12 hour( from the bittrex api)  + ignore 24h coin you have buyed (local) .


I've also fixed some little bug in the interface config and in the stats page :) 


Hope you like it !

I'll keep you updated about the next update very soon , I'll add 3  suggestions  :) 

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I've changed the duration when the bot blacklist coin from your whitelist  to 1 hour :) 

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