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  1. Hi ! A new update is available on CRYPTO-PHP ! A new signaling service called ... CRYPTO-PHP signals , a free crypto signal trading using DCA/Scaling strategy only on CRYPTO-PHP ! Features summary: - Markets selection - Market order for buy order - Use take profit from the signals - Use Scaling (check 3 lines bellow for all infos about this) - Choose signals term + Your general configuration, as always The signals are sent by traders only for CRYPTO-PHP. All signals are sent after an human chart analyze ! So don't expect dozens of signals per days . The good news, it's that this new mode allow you to use a Scaling (DCA like) strategy: If you choose to enable the Scaling option, this will allow the bot to buy the same coin with a lower price on a Scaling signal type . This will cancel your current order and place a new one with all the quantity of the past orders. Example: - First signal type BUY (normal signal) - The price go lower, a new signal type is send: Scaling, for the same coin - The first order is cancelled and the quantity filled for the second one is added to a brand new order that contain all the quantity bought for this coin (in this case, the quantity of the first order + the quantity of the new Scaling signal). - There is no limit for the Scaling signal type (you can receive 1, 2 or more Scaling signals for the same coin). The Scaling is working with the autosell and trailing mode! You can find the number of scaling signals bought in your order list, or in your trailing list. Of course, the average price is calculed and you can see it in your order list/trailing list in real time ! Check out this other screen (click to open in full size), and check about the last two signals for the USDT-XRP pair, the last one is a scaling signal, you can see the average price and the number of scaling signal used on the open order list (and of course the profit/loss percentage based on the average price): There is also a take profit value sent with all signals, take profit are calculted by autoexec on each signals. Of course, the take profit value is optional, and this signal mode is working with your autosell or the trailing mode . There is no automated signal! All signal are sent using a simple web interface (interface that I made) by my friend @autoexec, owner of a very private signal group on telegram. To prove it, this is a screen of the interface where the signals are sent: (yeah the design is shit, but it's only for one person currently) By doing this, I'm offering a way to use the skill of a good trader on CRYPTO-PHP, in an automated way, but also to help autoexec's users to automate their trades . Currently, only autoexec is sending signals, because It's the only one I'm trusting . As always, full signals log available: Let's talk about the result, this is a screen of the last days from my bot: There are also some trade hitting the stop loss, but not from the last 4 days . We'll publish result on the crypto-php discord server (link in my signature) Autoexec is sending theses signals only on CRYPTO-PHP, you'll never see one of theses signals on another bot Currently, this mode is 100% free for the next two months but we are considering a premium license if the results are goods. Some free quality signals (2/3 per days) will always be available for free. If the result are bad, I'll stop this mode on the bot and say goodbye to the autoexec signals, if you're a member of the community, you know that I have many others updates to be published very soon . This update is currently available only on BINANCE, because autoexec is sending signal only for BINANCE. If you know a reputable trader, or if you're interested to send your signals to the bot using the web interface (and of course make some commission) , contact me, my email is available on the footer of the website . Hope you'll like it ! I'm coming back with another update (bittrex/binance this time) in one month Thanks all for using CRYPTO-PHP, since september 2017