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Found 1 result

  1. Crypto Quality signals ( cqs signals ) on CRYPTO-PHP CRYPTO-PHP and Crypto Quality Signals are partners since May 2018, everything is implemented to receive the signals instantly on your bot via a system even faster than the traditional API. CRYPTO-PHP supports most functions from Crypto Quality Signals and offer an additional configuration. Features on CRYPTO-PHP: - Your CRYPTO-PHP general configuration + - An additional configuation dedicated to Crypto Quality Signals with the following features: - Full page and real time signals list (all signals) - ALTS Markets selection - Type (Free/Premium) selection - Term selection - Risk selection - Sell target selection - Use CQS stop loss - Ignore signals based on your percentage variation - Use the CQS signal price - Market Order - Signal status - Full tuto on your bot + A full signals log : Order your CRYPTO-PHP bot on the website and trade all free cqs signals without limits for $12/mo . A question ? Join the CRYPTO-PHP discord.