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  1. Great! Now it makes a lot more sense. Full credits to the idea contributor and the coder to achieve this...
  2. So does -4% now means that current price has gone 4% below the buying price?
  3. Ignore this. I was using the wrong update button.
  4. Great... I tried to change % but it's fixed at 5%. Tried to make it less and more but it remained same. Can you please check?
  5. Bravo... Great Work dude.... Keep it up and going. I feel we are moving towards a world class product.
  6. skhurram007

    Loss Control

    Hi I did not have much time these days sorry , but now it's ok That's great to know. Thanks for your interest in the bot, your long message shows that you are interested and it gives me pleasure! Can't wait to see this product evolve. But many of thing you want doesnt match with "simple trading bot" Who wants this product to remain as "Simple"? This can be added in futur update, I did not know that this statistic was used for trading That's a good feature that helps traders. For example, there is no benefit in trading a coin where Spread is less than 1%. The bot should also use it to determine which trades to open. Yep it can be cool , a withlist like function . You can doing this with the current settings (black list and max open orders settings). Y,you can blacklist coin for select only coin you want ( This can change the bot's strategy , because bot for now get coin in middle of array, if you blacklist (or withlist only 15 coin) It does not mean anything anymore. I would think rather than blacklisting or whitelisting, it might be better if we make it something like "Priority Trade" or "Special Trade". Because my understanding of blacklist is whatever you select there will not be traded. Similarly my understanding of whitelist is whatever you select will be traded only. I don't want that. I want the bot to work normally. Only change is that before selecting trades itself, it checks if there are any priority coins selected (suppose 5), then open trade there first. Remaining 15 trades it will select normally; on it's own. Yep, I refer you to this thread , if you think is what you want I read that thread before. That feature seems really nice. But I think it's a little bit different than what I am saying. I am not sure if they can work in the same style. What I proposed is not an external system. Keeping within the system, we specify some coins (let's say Ethereum ETH) and put their buy-trigger price. Buy-trigger price for ETH we put as 15% or $300. So if the market price of ETH goes below either $300 or 15%, the bot will start buy trade for ETH. Here is a new idea. In same manner, we can specify coins with Sell-trigger prices. For example, if the price of ETH goes above $350 or 15% of buying price, the bot will start Sell-trade. Yep , I see what you mean, it can be a cool features for next updates Glad you approves it. On your main page "/" you can see all buy order from your bot, it's taken on bittrex , it's from my database If you can make Buy and Sell trades appear in the same simple style like in Bittrex, it would be great. On your bot page "/bittrex" you can see your trade history in the same way as on bittrex, i dont know if bittrex change the date in api info when a sell order is filled, i think no. I will check that again. For the stats, which stats you want exactly ? I would love them to be simple and clear. Money invested (by bot only), money earned (by bot only) and money in open trades (by bot only). It's good you are using your own database to record buy and sell trades. You can get these stats by a simple query. For apikey i'll do this very soon Great.
  7. skhurram007

    Loss Control

    More of these pouring in... Trade history is very confusing actually. Can we get some interface where all buy trades are listed + two new columns a) Sold (Yes/No) and Sold Price? This interface should have filters available so that we can see only sold trades. Also we should be able to use filters to view only trades that are not sold /completed yet. The selling dates are confusing. It seems they are showing the buying datetime rather than actual selling datetime. Another feature is the stats. We want to clearly see how much money invested, how much has been generated and how much money stuck in open trades. We should be able to update API keys through interface.
  8. skhurram007

    Loss Control

    I would like to have more flexibility in choosing the coin trade. The bot will function normally on its own except when specified particular settings (instructions). For example; Select coin trades on basis of SPREAD% (Difference in Buying and Selling. Bittrex provide this calculation). Option to select specific coins for trading. For example, the bot can open 20 trades. I want the bot to open 15 trades on its own selection and 5 trades on my specification. For example, I want it to buy ETH, BCH, LSK, LGD, WAVES. Option to Mark the bot to start buying when the price of a particular coin is below an amount. For example Bitcoin Cash went down today below USD 600. For remaining trades, the bot will do trading as normal. Option to Mark a price for a selected coin which the bot will buy. If marked, this will override the main settings. For example, I select BCH and LiteCoin. For BCH, I specify USD 100. For LiteCoin, I specify USD 50. The main setting is USD 2 per trade. Now the bot will trade every currency in max USD 2 but for BCH it will trade in USD 100 and LiteCoin USD 50. Option to Mark a selling percentage on coin basis. For example, for Ripple I want selling price at 15%. For BCH I want 10%. Let me summarize above as a real life scenario. My bot default settings are. Maximum per trade => USD 2. Selling percentage => 5% What I want: A list of all trades available with Spread % and can be sorted ascending and descending by Spread %. Out of possible 20 trades, I can select 5 trades in BCH, LiteCoin, LSK, LGD and Ripple. Remaining 15 trades will takes place by bot 's selection. When I select 5 coins, I have option to go with default settings or put my settings for maximum amount for one coin trade like $50 for LiteCoin, $100 for BCH. Also an option to either trade by default settings or specify to buy only if a price goes below x amount. For example, buy $100 of BCH if price goes below $600. Buy $50 of LiteCoin if price goes below $40. Here also an option to go with default setting of 5% profit in selling price or specify my own percentage. Like I want BCC to be sold only if it's current selling price is in 10% more profit. Similarly, I want LiteCoin to be sold if it's sell price is 15% more. I hope I make sense here for everyone. Other member's comments are appreciated either to support, rectify or add anything.
  9. skhurram007

    Loss Control

    Thanks Glitchsta. A lot of them coming right away...
  10. skhurram007

    Loss Control

    I think it would be a great feature to have and would become very famous. I am sure your current and potential customers; either at bitcointalk or anywhere, would love it. Replied to your PM.
  11. skhurram007

    Loss Control

    Never mind. Just saw that you have already sent a PM. Will proceed there.
  12. skhurram007

    Loss Control

    Thanks for responding in detail. I don't know if I was making sense. Let me give an example. A bot will buy and sell the coins depending on the settings specified for selling price. Suppose we set 5% . The selling price here would be calculated as buying price + 5%(of buying price). Now my question is, if we can reverse this. So if the market selling price goes more than 10% below the buying price, the bot will immediately sell out to avoid further loses. Is this feature available in current version or any plans for it for future roadmap? I have already paid and the transaction has successfully reached you. When should I receive the product? Can't wait to get my hands on it.
  13. skhurram007

    Loss Control

    Thanks Tomi. You got it right.
  14. skhurram007

    Loss Control

    I have placed the order as well as sent you the payment which according to preeve.com; was 0.002841 BTC = 12 USD. Please respond to my above queries. Waiting for the bot setup anxiously. Thanks.
  15. skhurram007

    Loss Control

    Dear, I have following queries. Please bear with me as I am not very experienced in it. 1. Which features your product provides that is not possible with manual trading? 2. Are there any loss management controls available? Please explain. 3. I want to test your product. Is there a demo /trial version available or can be managed? 4. You have versions of your product on the basis of number of bots. Does one bot means a single-trade-a-time? Looking forward to your quick and positive response. Thanks. Khurram.

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