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    Help Please

    1) The bot only supports bittrex and poloniex and you will need one license for every exchange. 2) You should have no open orders and only BTC in your wallet. 3) You will get a personal VPS from crypto-php with every license running 24/7. 4) I recommend at least 0.1 BTC balance per exchange. .. the support team will greatly help you setting up the bot All in all the bot is simple to use though. Happy trading!
  2. A question comes to my mind: If the bot runs in default mode & has open orders - what if i stop the bot and activate the whitelist mode - will it still sell the coins from previous open orders, even if they're not in the whitelist?
  3. Really nice idea with the whitelist mode. Last night i wondered how long it would take to blacklist all coins except 30 ;D thanks!

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