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  1. thank good works. there is a mistake with the auto sell, previously when you enter 0 it was deactivated, but not now, all my negative coins have been sell, and each time the bot buy a coin, it sells it if it's negative. so I am currently at -35% ,it's not a big deal because I haven't put much money, I am in test, but be careful. a question, with the temporary backlist, what happened if I am in mode whitelist and I authorize only 3 crypto money, and I have a possibility of 3 open order because I want only make quick buy/sell always on with the same coins. I can't buy during 15 hours? Sorry for my English, if you want more detail contact me in French
  2. Hi Billy , Two questions, how to remove a crypto to the blacklist? Loss control is compared to the price of the crypto when you buy it?

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