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  1. HELLO ! A quick message just to say that some new updates will be available very soon ! I took a few months of rest since the last update (rest about coding) , so I've not worked on the bot since a few months except to fix some bug and some minor update. Now I'm back on the dev ! - 1st new update coming soon The first new update to come on CRYPTO-PHP will be a new and experimental "project" that allow good trader to send a signal to all bots, and only on CRYPTO-PHP. NO AUTOMATED SIGNAL ! All of this is made on my thought, and I won't to make another automated signaling service, The first "good trader" to start to using this script is my friend, @autoexecwho have started his own signal group on telegram and already shared very good result. I created a special interface for him, there is no way to send an automated signal . @autoexec is studying chart and sending only 1 or 2 signals by day, I'm trusting him because he is supporting me since the very first day of CRYPTO-PHP I'm also making this update to helping @autoexec users to automate their trades. More details about this experimental project: - No way to send a automated signal - Signal are sent with some data like take profit value (a simple % for your autosell) and term (short,long),other general options like the trailing script will be availale as well. - There is also a good feature that allow autoexec to send another signal that buy your coin with a lower price to try to make a good average price (if the price is lower at the time of the signal, of course). If it's happen, your first order for the coin in the signal will be cancelled,bot will buy the same quantity but with a lower price. Something like DCA , but not really ūüėõ All of this will be 100% free, maybe a premium license will come in the future, but you'll get at least 1 or 2 premium signal for free if it's happen , it's on the deal between @autoexec and I ! For the firts 2 months, all will be 100% free. That's all for this one. If you know a good trader who can be interested in this project (crypto twitter, telegram admin channel), please contact me ! I'm providing all of this for free on a personal VPS, as well Important: For now autoexec is sending signal only on binance, so this mode will not be available for now on bittrex. - 2nd new update coming soon The second one, it's a quick scalping between some major market ! If you don't know what is a scalping strategy : It's when you trade on a market to try to get a little profit on the volatily. Example: Place buy order at -0.4% of the current market price, and sell at current price or +0.4%, then restart and do it all the day, and fastly ! This is a good way to accumulate more BTC with the USDT pair on a bear market for example, so it work well when the bitcoin price (or whatever coin you use) is dropping . It will be very easy to use ! Only important option will be available (market selection , open/close percentage, stop loss, stop buy based on stop loss count, stop buy based on bitcoin price) So only 3/4 block in your configuration page ! This update is well advanced and but I'm currently focused on the first one. - 3rd new update coming soon Not very soon, but soon ūüėõ This will be a cool and , simple and very useful update for users who like to program order in a semi-automated way. You'll be albe to program your order in your configuration page , example: Monitor BTC-LTC market, and when the price is X, place buy order with X btc, then, if filed, place sell order at X%. If sell order is filed, restart X times . So when you come first in this mode, you have to create multiple alert and then, let the bot working for you. Is just an idea, but I think it can be very useful and easy to add I'm also considering adding Kucoin on the exchange list, but I'm waiting before for a final statement on US regulations And about this US regulation, just let you know that in case of you're not able to trade on binance (or bittrex) with your IP, you'll be able to trade on it using the CRYPTO-PHP interface, but you'll need a non-US account on the exchange website . Thanks for reading my thread, and hope you enjoy CRYPTO-PHP. I'll come back very soon with the annoucement of the first update ! More updates, more features, but always the same price Have a good day !
  2. Yop ! Je suis fier d'annoncer que CRYPO-PHP supporte maintenant le trading sur les markets ALTS Les markets suivant sont maintenant disponible: Binance: BTC,ETH,BNB,USDT Bittrex: BTC,ETH,USD,USDT Ceci inclus quelques changements majeurs: - Balances principal et secondaires Balance Principal: Votre Balance principal est en Bitcoin (BTC), tout ce qui se trouve sur votre wallet est converti en BTC et ajouté à votre balance principal. La balance principal est visible sur tout les pages et sur votre page d'accueil dans le bloc BALANCES (BTC & ALTS MARKETS) Balances Secondaires: Les balances secondaires sont les balances sur les differents markets, vous pourrez ainsi voir vos profits/pertes sur les differents markets en plus de la balance principal. Les balances secondaires comprennent la quantité de pair de base + tout les ordres ouverts lié à cette pair. Les balances secondaires sont visible depuis votre page d'accueil, dans le bloc BALANCES (BTC & ALTS MARKETS). Exemple de balance secondaire: - La première balance (BTC) inclus tout les ordres sur le market BTC (ex: BTC-LTC, BTC-WAVES,...) + tout vos BTC disponible sur votre wallet (à la difference de la balance principal qui est aussi en BTC, cette balance secondaire n'inclus pas les autres markets) - La deuxième balance (ETH) inclus tout les ordres sur le market ETH (ex: ETH-LTC, ETH-WAVES,...) + tout vos ETH disponible sur votre wallet Montants de références: Rendez vous sur votre page Config > Interface, dans le bloc Montant de référence, indiquez les montants de références, ceux-ci serviront à comparer votre balance pour voir les profits/pertes . Vous pouvez aussi ajouter un montant de référence en FIAT (USD ou EUR) pour votre balance principal . - Trading facile sur les markets ALTS avec Mining Hamster et Crypto Quality Signals - Montant pour chaque markets sur votre page de configuration (suppression du minimum et maximum) - Vue facile sur les valeurs BASE MARKET et FIAT dans les tableaux (historique de trades, ordres ouverts, trailing,...) - Fonction pour mettre des BNB de coté (en cas de trade sur le market BNB et d'autres) - Page manuelle: Sélectionner le market pour placer vos ordres. - Page manuelle: Echange manuelle entre les markets de base - Page manuelle: Nouvelle box trailing - Nouveau tutoriel avec introduction et mise à jour des bulles infos J'ai aussi mis à jour l'interface pour qu'elle soit beaucoup facile à utiliser et comprendre, j'ai donc fais le ménage et supprimer les pages suivantes: - Lab - /Exchange J'ai aussi supprimé des fonctionnalités inutiles: - Mode semi auto - Signal maker - Custom signal Plus de confusion entre les modes signaux ou le montant pour chaque ordre... Tout est beaucoup plus facile à utiliser J'espère que vous apprécierez !
  3. Hi ! I'm very excited to announce that CRYPTO-PHP is now supporting ALTS markets To all current user, please do a CTRL+F5 on your interface. The following markets are now available for trading: Binance: BTC,ETH,BNB,USDT Bittrex: BTC,ETH,USD,USDT This will include some major change on CRYPTO-PHP , see the following: (Please note that I used a little amount to test all features on my "dev bot"t, but of course it will work with a larger amount) - Main & secondary balances Main Balance : Your Main Balance is in Bitcoin (BTC) , everything on your wallet is converted to BTC and added to your main balance. The Main Balance is visible on all pages and on your homepage in the BALANCES (BTC & ALTS MARKETS) block Secondary Balances : Secondary balances are the balances on different markets, so you can see your profits / losses on different markets in addition to the main balance. Secondary balances include the amount of base pair + all open orders linked to that pair. Secondary balances are visible from your home page in the BALANCES (BTC & ALTS MARKETS) block. Example of secondary balance: - The first balance (BTC) include all the orders on the market BTC (ex: BTC-LTC, BTC-WAVES, ...) + all your BTC available on your wallet (unlike the main balance which is also in BTC, this secondary balance does not include others markets) - The second balance (ETH) include all the orders on the ETH market (ex: ETH-LTC, ETH-WAVES, ...) + all your ETH available on your wallet Reference amount: Insert a reference amount for each markets to see your profit/loss on your balances. It's also possible to update theses amounts by clicking on the update icon in the BALANCES (BTC & ALTS MARKETS) block on your home page . - Easy ALTS trading using Mining Hamster and Crypto Quality Signals : - Amount for each markets on your configuration page (removed minimum and maximum) : - Easy FIAT and BASE MARKET value on tables (trade history, open orders, trailing , ...) : - Save BNB function for BINANCE: - Manual: Select your market to place your order: - Manual: Easy Exchange between base pairs : - Manual: New trailing box : Brand new step by step tutorial with introduction and updated tooltips: I updated the interface to be easier than ever, for this, I removed the following page: - Lab - /Exchange And also removed the following (and useless) features : - Semi auto mode - Signal maker - Custom signal No more confusion between the signal mode or the amount for each order etc ... Everything is much easier to use . Hope you'll like it !
  4. Yop Une nouvelle mise √† jour est disponible. Quoi de neuf ? Signal: - Une nouvelle page signal pour chaque fournisseur de signaux General (signal): - Chaque fonction est maintenant disponible dans un bloc d√©di√© avec bulle info. - Changer facilement de mode avec le menu d√©roulant, sans bouton de mise √† jour. - Ajout de la liste des signaux en t√™te de page - Ajout de l'option market order - Ajout vue/check licence - Ajout d'un rafra√ģchissement en temps r√©el sur la vue des signaux en page d'accueil - Log complet des signaux: Mining Hamster: - Ajout du support pour les signaux de vente - Suppression de l'inutile "signalmode" Crypto quality signals: - Ajout du support pour la valeur Risque - Vous pouvez maintenant s√©lectionner plusieurs risque,term, type comme vous pouvez le voir sur le screen - Si vous avez une licence premium et que vous choisissez de trader uniquement les signaux premium, vous verrez aussi les signaux gratuit (pareil pour les autres valeurs) General: Nouvelle fonctionnalit√©s: - Expiration des ordres (avec log complet) - Stop buy Compter les hit du stop loss dans une dur√©e d√©t√©rmin√©e afin de d√©clencher la fonction stopbuy. Quand la fonction stopbuy est ON, le bot c√©ssera tout achat jusqu'a ce que le nombre de hit du stop loss soit inf√©rieur √† votre valeur selectionner. Vous pouvez voir le nombre de hit du stop loss dans votre dur√©e dans le bloc stopbuy (page config) Page manuel: - Ajout d'un bouton pour ajouter un coin au trailing Stats page: - Ajout des profits/pertes lors des r√©sultats Interface: - Selection du nombre de trade √† afficher sur l'accueil Autres: - La liste des ordres ouverts est maintenant mis √† jour toutes les une minute - Lien de l'exchange sur pair dans les tableaux en page d'accueil - General design fix/update C'est tout pour cette mise √† jour. En plus de cela, j'ai cr√©er un petit bot discord afin d'afficher les trades li√© au signaux sur un channel: Tout le monde pourra bient√īt rejoindre le channel #live-trade Sur ce channel vous pourrez voir : - Tout les trades ex√©cut√©s par crypto php en utilisant mining hamster ou crypto quality signals (achat ou vente) - Tout les signaux mh et cqs, les signaux premium seront cach√© pour une dur√©e d√©termin√©e - Infos apr√®s 15 min, 1 heure et 3 heures √† propos des signaux (volume btc, ordres ex√©cut√©s,...) - Info g√©n√©ral tout les 24 heures Par d√©faut , cette option est Anonyme, mais vous pouvez choisir d'afficher votre pseudo . Le chan est priv√© pour l'instant, si vous voulez une invitation, contactez moi J'esp√®re que vous appr√©cierez A !
  5. Hi A new update is now available If you have a problem with your interface, please clean your browser cache. What's new ? Signal: - New signal page for each provider General (signal): - Added all option to a dedicated block with tooltip - Easy switch your mode using the select box ( don't need to click on an update button) - Signal table on head - Added Market order option - Added license view/checker on signal page - Added real time refresh on signal view in main page - Full signals logs: Mining Hamster: - Added support for sell signals - Removed "useless" signal mode Crypto quality signals: - Added support for Risk - You can now select multiple risk, term, type as you can see on the screen. - If you have a premium license and if you choose to trade only the premium signal, you'll also see the free signals. - Same for others values like term and risk, if you choose to trade only "mid" term for example, you'll also see the others signals. General: New features: - Order expiration (with full log in log page) - Stop buy Count stop loss hit in a duration. You select the duration and the number of hit to trigger the stop buy function. When the stop buy function is ON, no more buy order will be placed by the bot. The stop buy function will be turned off when your stop loss hit is smaller than your selected value in your duration. You can check the current stop loss hit in your duration on the stop buy block (config page) Manual page: - Added button to add your coin to the trailing list Stats page: - Added profit/loss on result Interface: - Select the number of trade in the main trade history Others: - Order list is now updated every 1 min in your main page - Exchange link on pair in your table - General design fix/update That's all for the bot update . But I have something more: a discord live trade channel. I made this discord bot only for fun Let me explain how it work : Everyone will soon be able to join a new channel on discord: #live-trade On this channel, you'll see; - All trades made by a crypto-php bot using mining hamster and crypto quality signals (buy and sell) - All CQS and MH signals (premium signals are hidden, they will be shown later). - Infos after 15 min, 1 hour and 3 hours about all signals (btc volume, order opened,...) - 24h General infos By default this option is Anonymous, but you can choose to show your bot username if you want. The live-trade channel is private for now because the bot is not finished, but if you want to acces it, please contact me on discord. Updated: Channel live Hope you'll like this update Have a good day
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    change number of maxorder

    Hello Yes it's possible . You can change at any time your max order setting
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    When is the subscription active? (usually?)

    Hi. Usually it take 1/2 hours to get your bot , but sometime the delay can be maximum 12 hours
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    Hello, when your bot is expired you cannot use it, you have to make a new order on the website : )
  9. Hello . The long awaited 1 year update is now available for everyone As you can see, it's a major update, the biggest since I started CRYPTO-PHP, one year ago. What's new ? Brand New interface : (template by @dukester ) Trailing: Trailing Profit: The bot can follow a price that going up with this mode, using the dynamic value of your Level Down and Level Up the bot will create multiple ZONE Trailing Stop: There are 2 modes available for the trailing stop: - High since order & percentage The bot will always take for reference the Highest Price since you placed the order, if the difference between the Highest Price and the current rate is more than your percentage, the bot will sell the order. The Highest Price is updated on each Highest Price Hit. - High since date & percentage Same as High since order & percentage, but the bot will use the price based on your duration to calculate the difference (ex: the price from 12 hours ago) Config : Real time view in main page: Logs in log page : Full tuto available on your interface, with all info about the zones & level. Tooltip also available on config page . Semi-auto mode: Like the old mode "MH interface" (standalone mode with dedicated config, buy/sell button,...) , now available for all signal providers and in your main page , easy switch on your config page, use the automated and semi-auto mode at the same time for different providers . Multiple signal providers at the same time: You can now run all signal providers at the same time, using trailing , autosell or the new semi auto mode . Custom signal URL (Your signal): I created a very easy API "like" system to use your own signal on CRYPTO-PHP. You can send a signal to the bot with a simple GET command, or use the bot to check your custom URL . You can customize your API keys (exchange, signal price, market ) , select the refresh rate in case of the bot check your URL. Search for a coin in manual page (Tinybox): I added a simple box to search for any coin in your manual page. You can check the current price, the volume , the high/low ... But you can also check all info on coinmarketcap like marketcap or supply . You can also bought a coin with only ONE click using this tiny box. Others : MAIN PAGE: - Added two block to check some infos about your general and daily stats (volume, trade, profit,...) - Added tiny chart to compare your daily profit to the past days. - Added signal block to check the last signal and the status of your config (Auto,semi-auto,off) Trade history: - Added profit view on sell trade Open order list: - Added one click sell/cancel - In case of you're not using the trailing mode, you can now edit your order (change the sell rate & amount) - Added panic sell button with one confirmation, after clicking on the confirmation, all order will be sold . CONFIGURATION PAGE: - Removed API keys from config page and added to an dedicated page - Removed interface configuration and added to an dedicated page - Added tooltip for each block, put your mouse on the info button to show all infos about the feature - Added cool notif on update ... Loss control: Select now which price you want to use, between last,ask & bid. Timer: - Now when your order is cancelled and if you have enought quantity to trade, the bot will continue the action (add coin to trailing or place sell order using your autosell) Blacklist/Whitelist - Remove your coin from your blacklist/whitelist in your click. Signal: - Added "Cancelled" status . STATS PAGE: - You can now export your history as .csv TUTORIAL: - Added dynamic tutorial for your first run LOGS: - Added timer & loss control logs in this page I've also updated the main website and i'll soon update this forum . What's next ? Before the end of this month i'll add the following : - Stop loss value for CQS. - Another signal provider i'll give you more infos in a new thread soon . My work on the bot is not finished, i've already a lot of idea, this is some of theses: - Add a new exchange - Enable trading on others markets (ETH,BNB,...) - Add Trading view signal support - Add new submodes to the trailing script You can also make your suggestions That's all Hope you'll like it, I worked about 2 months on this update . Big thanks to all beta testers , realy helped my during this complex update. Thanks all for using CRYPTO-PHP
  10. Bonjour . La mise √† jour du 1er anniversaire du bot est maintenant disponible. Comme vous pouvez le voir, c'est une grosse mise √† jour , la plus grosse depuis la lancement de CRYPTO-PHP, il y'a un an. Quoi de neuf? Nouvelle interface : (template par @dukester ) Trailing: Trailing Profit: Le bot peut suivre un prix qui monte, en utilisant les valeurs dynamiques de vos Level Down et Level Up. Le bot va alors cr√©er une ZONE bas√©e sur ces valeurs. Trailing Stop: Il y'a 2 modes disponibles pour le trailing stop: - High depuis ordre et pourcentage Le bot utilisera toujours comme r√©f√©rence le high (prix le plus √©l√©v√©) depuis que votre ordre est plac√©. Si la diff√©rence entre le hight et le prix actuel atteint votre pourcentage, l'order est vendu. Le High est mis √† jour √† chaque nouveau High. - High depuis date & pourcentage Pareil que High depuis ordre et pourcentage, mais le bot utilisera un prix de r√©ference en fonction de la dur√©e que vous avez choisie (ex: Le prix 12 heures avant) + Disponible pour tout les sous-modes: - Base profit (%): Quand un order atteint ce pourcentage, il sera vendu. - D√©clenchement √† partir de ZONE: Activ√© le trailing stop uniquement si le pourcentage est plus √©l√©ver que la Zone s√©l√©ctionner Config : Vue en temps r√©el sur page d‚Äôaccueil : Logs dans la page logs : Tuto complet disponible sur votre interface, avec toutes les infos √† propos des zones & level. Bulle info disponible sur chaque bloc de la page config. Mode semi-auto : Comme l'ancien mode "MH interface" (un mode standalone avec config d√©di√©e, bouton achat/vente,...) mais disponible pour tout les services de signalement et sur votre page d‚Äôaccueil . Changer facilement de mode dans votre page config, utilis√© le mode auto & semi auto en m√™me temps. Plusieurs service de signalement en m√™me temps Vous pouvez maintenant utilis√© tout les services de signalement en m√™me temps, en utilisant autosell, trailing ou le mode semi-auto. URL customis√©e : J'ai cr√©er un simple syst√®me similaire au syst√®me API afin que vous puissiez utiliser vos signaux sur CRYPTO-PHP. Vous pouvez envoy√© vos signaux au bot en utilisant une simple requ√™te GET, ou dire au bot de checker une URL. Vous pouvez personnalis√© vos cl√©s API ( (exchange, signal price, market ), s√©lectionner le taux de rafra√ģchissement dans le cas ou le bot check votre URL. Recherche de coins (Tinybox): J'ai ajout√© un simple bloc de recherche sur la page manuel. Vous pouvez consulter toutes les infos √† propos d'un coin (volume, high low) mais aussi le marketcap, supply ... Il est aussi possible d'acheter un coin en un clic depuis ce bloc de recherche Autres : Accueil : - Ajout de 2 blocs afin de consulter quelques stats de votre bot (volume,trade,profit,...) - Ajout d'une petite chart afin de comparer vos profits aux jours pr√©c√©dent - Ajout d'un bloc signal afin de consulter le status et le mode des services Historique de trade: - Ajout du profit en cas de vente Liste des ordres: - Ajout d'un bouton annuler/vendre en un clic - Dans le cas ou vous n'utilisez pas le mode trailing, vous pouvez modifier vos ordres (prix de vente, quantit√©) - Ajout d'un bouton panic sell (avec une confirmation). PAGE DE CONFIGURATION: - APIkeys supprim√© de la page, ajout√© √† une page d√©di√©e - Pareil pour la configuration de l'interface, cette derni√®re a √©t√© ajout√© sur une page d√©di√©e - Ajout de bulle info sur chaque bloc - Ajout des notifs en cas de mise √† jour... Contr√īle des pertes - Vous pouvez maintenant choisir quel prix utilis√© pour le stop loss (ask,bid ou last) Timer: - Maintenant, quand un ordre est annul√© par le timer, si vous avez assez de quantit√© , le bot continuera l'action (mise en vente ou ajout au script trailing) avec la quantit√© filed Blacklist/Whitelist - Suppressions/ajout des coins en un clic Signal: - Ajout du status "Annul√©" PAGE STATS: - Vous pouvez maintenant exporter votre historique TUTORIEL: - Ajout d'un tuto dynamique LOGS: - Tout les logs sont maintenant disponible sur cette page J'ai aussi mis √† jour le site et je vais vite mettre √† jour le forum La suite ? Avant la fin du mois je vais ajouter les options suivantes : - Valeur Stop loss pour CQS - Ajout d'un autre service de signalement, plus d'infos bient√īt dans un nouveau thread. Mon travail sur le bot n'est pas fini, j'ai encore beaucoup d'id√©es, en voici quelques-unes: - Ajout√© un autre exchange - Ajout des autres market (ETH,BNB) - Ajout du support pour les "signaux" trading view -Ajout de nouveau sous modes pour le trailing Vous pouvez bien-sur faire vos suggestions C'est tout ! J'esp√®re que vous appr√©cierez cette nouvelle mise √† jour , 2 mois de d√©veloppement sont derri√®re toutes ces nouvelles fonctions . Un grand merci √† tout les beta testeurs qui m'ont vraiment beaucoup aider sur cette mise √† jour assez complexe . Merci √† tous d'utiliser CRYPTO-PHP
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    where download the bot?

    Bonjour et merci 1 - Non je ne compte pas rendre le bot téléchargeable 2 - Je ne vais pas te donner d'indice sur l’encryptage des clés , tout est fait maison , aucun service externe
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    multiple questions

    Hello Thanks for your interest. 1 - No limit 2 - Very well but depend of the current market , 3 - Don't need to keep the page or your windows open
  13. BiLLY

    API for the Bot

    Hello . Just copy your api from Binance to the bot and that's all You can use the same api for multiple bots, no problem
  14. Yop Petite mise à jour pour intégrer les signaux premium de CQS sur le bot Pour les utilisateurs actuels : Vous devez unchecker/rechecker la checkbox"Automatic" dans votre page config (en cliquant sur le bouton update les 2 fois ) afin de continuer à recevoir les signaux de CQS sur votre bot. Voici la marche à suivre pour utiliser les signaux premium de CQS sur votre bot: Créer vous un compte via cette URL: https://premium.cryptoqualitysignals.com/register Une fois votre compte créer, vous pouvez choisir entre les 2 plans proposer : - CryptoPHP - Telegram + CryptoPHP Une fois que vous avez choisie votre plan, vous pourrez payer votre licence CQS premium. Dès que celle-ci est active, vous pourrez voir votre carte de souscription avec votre licence (Subscription ID sur l'image) : Ensuite, rendez-vous sur votre page, sur la page de licence pour CQS (Menu > Signals > Crypto Quality Signal) et insérez votre licence: C'est tout ! Vous pouvez maintenant recevoir les signaux premium CQS en temp réel sur votre bot Important: CQS n'envoie pas de signaux premium pour POLONIEX Nous avons aussi ajouté une option "term" afin de choisir entre : Short term, Middle term & Long term pour tout les signaux (free/premium) Si vous avez besoin de plus d'info ou si vous avez une question, vous pouvez demander ici, ou alors rejoindre le chan #crypto-quality-signals sur notre discord discord.gg/Sny4rYr Et bien sur, les signaux gratuit restent actifs !
  15. Hi I just updated all bots to work with the CQS premium signals. For all current users: You have to uncheck/recheck the "Automatic" checkbox to continue to use CSQ on your bot. To use Crypto Quality Signals Premium on Crypto-PHP, you first need to subscribe to premium services at the following URL: https://premium.cryptoqualitysignals.com/register After creating your account, you should choose one of the plans with Crypto-PHP support, which can be: - CryptoPHP - Telegram + CryptoPHP After choosing your plan, you will be able to pay for your subscription. As soon your subscription is active, you will see your subscription card with your subscription ID. This subscription ID will act as your license code to activate your premium license on Crypto-PHP: Then, on your bot, open your licence page (Menu > Signals > Crypto Quality Signal) and insert your licence key : That's all ! Now you can get all premium signals from CQS in real time ! Important: CQS doesn't send premium signal for POLONIEX We also added a term for each signals (Short term, Middle term, Long term) you can select all terms or just one If you need more info or if you have a question, you can ask here, or join discord: discord.gg/Sny4rYr and the channel #crypto-quality-signals
  16. Binance is now available in the exchange list Everything is the same like the poloniex & bittrex bots ! I added a page to buy with one click some BNB to pay your fee . To get your bot on binance , place a new order on the website : https://www.crypto-php.com/ If you want to change your current to binance, please open a support ticket
  17. Binance est maintenant disponible dans la liste des exchanges ! Le bot est exactement le même en tout point, rien ne change au niveau de l'utilisation J'ai aussi ajouté une page afin d'acheter des BNB avec un clic pour payer les frais . Pour avoir votre bot sur binance, il suffit de placer une nouvelle commande sur le site : https://www.crypto-php.com/fr/ Si vous souhaitez changer votre bot actuel pour binance, merci d'ouvrir un ticket support
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    rentabilidad en Bittrex

    Is not possible to determine the profitability , it's depend of many factors ( current market, amount for each order/signals, how you use the bot, your stop loss value, ect...) . Everything is possible
  19. BiLLY

    rentabilidad en Bittrex

    Hello, please ask your question in english Thanks !
  20. Crypto Quality signals ( cqs signals ) on CRYPTO-PHP CRYPTO-PHP and Crypto Quality Signals are partners since May 2018, everything is implemented to receive the signals instantly on your bot via a system even faster than the traditional API. CRYPTO-PHP supports most functions from Crypto Quality Signals and offer an additional configuration. Features on CRYPTO-PHP: - Your CRYPTO-PHP general configuration + - An additional configuation dedicated to Crypto Quality Signals with the following features: - Full page and real time signals list (all signals) - ALTS Markets selection - Type (Free/Premium) selection - Term selection - Risk selection - Sell target selection - Use CQS stop loss - Ignore signals based on your percentage variation - Use the CQS signal price - Market Order - Signal status - Full tuto on your bot + A full signals log : Order your CRYPTO-PHP bot on the website and trade all free cqs signals without limits for $12/mo . A question ? Join the CRYPTO-PHP discord.
  21. Ahah , I was waiting for this question It's not possible sorry, but I will consider it for a next update edit: Now possible
  22. Yop Je travail depuis une petite semaine sur une petite surprise, l'intégration d'un nouveau service de signallement, gratuit, pour tout le monde , et c'est maintenant disponible sur vos bots Qu-est-ce que Crypto Quality Signals? Comme vous pouvez le lire ci-dessus, les signaux proviennent de différents groupes & channel telegram, ce qui diffère de mon ami , le hamster mineur L'intégration est quasiment la même que pour mining hamster: (disponible en français bien-sur sur vos bots) Que-est-ce ces 3 targets ? Ce sont des targets de vente (cible à atteindre), vous pouvez les utiliser pour placer vos ordres de ventes avec les valeurs des targets. Les 3 targets ne sont pas toujours présent, quelques fois seulement un ou deux targets sont envoyés Si vous voulez utiliser un target, mais que celui-ci n'est pas disponible, le bot utilisera le target en dessous, si disponible. (ex: Vous voulez utiliser le 3ème target mais celui ci est vide, le bot va alors utiliser le 2ème, si celui-ci est aussi vide, le bot utilisera le 1er qui lui est toujours présent. Le délais d'achat des signaux est le même que pour mining hamster, soit moins d'une seconde entre le moment ou le signal est reçu et l'action d'achat par le bot. Tout le monde peut utiliser les signaux Crypto Quality signals, c'est gratuit et sans frais cachés ! Pour activer les signaux sur votre bot, c'est très simple: ** Pour les utilisateurs actuel, si vous utilisez Google Chrome, vous devez vider le cache de votre navigateur** - Dans votre menu, cliquez sur Signal, Crypto Quality Signals Vous allez alors voir la page de licence : - Cliquez sur "Enable licence" et le tour est joué C'est tout ! Maintenant, rendez-vous dans votre page config, switcher en mode signal, puis utilisez le sous mode "Crypto Quality Signals", faites votre config, cochez "Automatique" et cliquez sur le bouton Update! Le bot est maintenant prêt pour le prochain signal . J'espère que vous allez appréciez cette petite surprise J'ai créer le channel #crypto-quality-signals sur notre discord, si vous voulez parlez de CQS: discord.gg/Sny4rYr Réactions/commentaires sont bienvenus
  23. BiLLY

    Not received login details

    Hello . Sorry I was busy, your details will be send in the hour
  24. BiLLY

    Binance support

    Hello Sorry for the delay, I work on the Binance dev since two weeks, 70% is finished I have to finish the manual interface and the two mining hamster modes and it's finished I work also on mutiples new features at the same time. One will be announced very soon (in the coming week) , it's why the dev take a long time I think you'll appreciate the next update and understand why I added this "feature" before the binance update
  25. Hi The new update is now available for all bittrex bot, poloniex bot have to wait one more week It's a major update, the biggest since the beginning I've added a lot of request, like : timer, more control on mh signal, enable all tool for each mode (ex: use blacklist/whitelist & the advanced configuration in signal mode), manual interface, more stats, sell view on main page,fixed problem with the date,responsive design,... I'm not going to say any changes, I'll let you discover that, I'll just talk about important changes, if you want to see 99% of the new changes in details, click here . Summary: 1- Updated design 2 - New tool/settings 3- New interface : Simple & easy manual trading with holding system & buy/sell with condition (price,date) 4- Updated design & new tool/settings for Mining Hamster 1- Updated design The design is now responsive (as much as possible ), i tried and it work well on my smartphone for all pages. I removed the old dashboard to the right and added a simple block in the header to check all infos about your page, same as the old dashboard. This block is refreshed every min . I've added a simple horizontal menu to have a simple access to all pages in each pages I've also changed the design for each page to be more easy and fast and added a automated refresh in the main page Updated design: Main page: Config: Others pages (renew,cagnotte,error log,bittrex ,...) are similars, except the manual interface & the mh interface. 2 - New tool/settings As you can see in the last screen , its now possible to use the whitelist in the default & signal mode. Exemple of a config that you can do now : (easy config) Use a whitelist in default mode, and trade only with the coins in the list, by best, low or custom volume (general function of the default mode + wihtelist) using the "temp blacklist" to trade only if the price is smaler than your last trade and reset the status of a coin after x hours . Another example with an advanced config using mining hamster : Buy a signal only if he is not in your blacklist ,OR, if he is in your whitelist , if the difference is greater/smaller that what you want (compare the signal price with the bid/ask/last before buying), check if the current price for this coin is smaller than your last trade , place your order with the signal price if you want , and finally, use a timer to cancel an order not filed after x min. Hope you got it The timer will cancel your order if is not filed after x minute, if you have some "dust" after the cancellation, the bot will sell it at the current price , using bid. You can check all trades cancelled by your timer in your history Others tool added in tool page : - Select your minimum/maximum amount for each order in FIAT or BTC - Use your stop-loss when the bot is turned off 3- New interface : Simple & easy manual trading with holding system & buy/sell with condition (price,date) 4- Updated design & new tool/settings for the MH interface Other: - Added pages : Cagnotte,Renewal,Error - You can now add your buy rate for your manual order (when you see "n/a") - Buy/sell view on main page - Updated the stats page : more info about each trades (buy/sell , volume) , search between two date, buy/sell view in search result - Added header block to see a summary of all your pending action, holding, and dedicated amount - Added full german translation I think I did not say everything, but I let you discover this new update , hope you'll like it ! Next step from now : - Poloniex update ~1 week - Binance integration ~3/4 weeks - Trailing stop ~ 1/2 months - Full "calling system " ~ 2/3 months Let's talk in the comment if you have a question ! Thanks @dukester & @hardstyles for the crypto-php logo & the german translation Thanks to all to support my project