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    Hi; I've just finished updating the bots, i've added 3 new features - Loss control - Blacklist coin - Language selector Loss control You can set a percentage for saving your btc if a coin fall to low. Set percentage to : 50% and any coin that fall to -50% will be sell at the current price, nothing to do, just put your percentage ... This does not affect the bot or open order count. Be care! if you set percentage to 5% by mistake, all coin after -5% will be sold! Also you can follow how many coin are sell by the loss control function and when they were sold in the log: Blacklist coin If you want you can blacklist a coin and it will be ignored by the bot, it's easy just put the name of the coin in your blacklist: And a little thing for the end: Language selector You can now select properly your language , english and french only for the moment, but it's easy to add new language, now. If you want to contribute to the add more languages, contact me Hope you'll like it, any comment is welcome ! (bot on poloniex will be updated tomorrow) Next step: Add a service like cryptoping