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    Hi everyone ! The new update is now available for all bots 1 - New features added on this update 2- Next step on crypto-php & partnership 3- Info about the new bittrex rules and the bot 1 - New features added on this update 1- Advanced configuration for default mode , select how the bot get the pairs Now on the default mode , you can specify how the bot get the pairs: * Volume = BTC Volume. With all this submode, the bot get all info about ALL pairs, but in order by best volume,low volume, middle volume, or your custom volume. Default (Middle) is the "old" default mode that get the pair in the middle of array Best Volumes: The bot try to buy the coin with the best volume available for your bot Low/Little Volumes: Same as best volume, but with the smallers volumes on your trading site. Custom: Easy to understand, on the screen , the bot trade only with pair with a volume greater than 500 btc . All this automated system need a security to be sure the bot doesnt buy always the same pair, so i've made a "temp blacklist" and a automated function to reset this temp blacklist every (x) hour(s)/day(s) : You can see your temporary blacklist with all the pairs of your trading site and a function to reset the status every hours(s)/day(s). Reset the status to 0 allow the bot to trade the coin . If you check "Buy same coin only if price is smaller than the last trade" the bot will only buy this coin in this condition. So if you have bought some ETC recently at this price : 0.00254325, if the current price for ETC is greater than 0.00254325 btc, you will get this message : No currency available with your volume (try with BTC-ETC: last(0.00254325) > last trade(0.00217201)) In this case the bot doesnt buy and ignore this coin another hour(s)/day(s) and check the next best volume until he find a coin in your condition (specified volume + current price smaller than your last trade). But you can uncheck this to allow the bot to buy the same coin with no minimum value . Also you can manually reset the status for each coin in your temp blacklist. To show your temp blacklist, click on the text "(temp blacklist)" . 2- Manually cancel your current open order from your interface with 3 click only : That all, on the screen 6.58434719 STEAM sold at 0.00012045. In the next minute, the bot will buy another coin, no need to stop your bot to cancel a order 3- Little Autostop function, stop the bot when bitcoin price change to your condition : I'll add more tools for this function, now it work with bitcoin price in your duration . In the screen, the bot is automatically turned-off when btc price rich 3% in 1 hour. I get info in real time from coinmarketcap, you can specify a duration for 1h and 24h. That's all for the new features 2- Next step on crypto-php & partnership One more update will be avaible before the end of this year middle/end december , i'm not sure about what to add on the next update , I think some minor change for user interface (maybe ajax refresh, notifcation, create signal for a specific pair and one more tool for the auto-stop function). For sure SSL/subdomain will be avaible before this update Also, i'm very happy to announce that a new external signaling service will be available for all bot Full info: 3- Info about the new bittrex rules and the bot Bittrex have just update their trading rules so i've updated the bot to work with : - The minimum amount for a order is now 0.001 BTC (100k satoshi). - Bittrex say that open orders older that 28 days will be deleted, so the bot prevent this and delete order older than 27 days to make a new one . I'm not sure making a new order to bypass the limit of 28 days is fair and in accordance with the rules, so i'll ask bittrex about this and remove this function if it's not allowed . This take effect now for each bot on bittrex! That's all for this update I'll update all threads in the HOWTO section and make a FAQ asap. Hope you like this update, many users asked for a function to choose how the bot get the pair and dislike the default mode with this "middle of array strategy" , now you can choose
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    Hi All bot have been updated with the new update. 1 - Error log Now you can see a custom error log in your main page . With this you can understand why the bot doesnt make order or other problem. example: & more ... Full errors details here. 2 - Start/stop button on main page 3 - Lab - Easy test your configuration with a simulation on icon In this new page, you can test your configuration only with one click on "Start simulation". example: It's your first time with the bot, and you want to be sure all is ok with your config, go on your lab and click on "start simulation" . The bot will make a buy simulation with your actual and full config . Screen The simulation tell you if something went wrong: example 1: In this case, no enought btc to make a new order, to fix it: - Reduce your "max open order" setting, - Remove btc from your cagnottte - Add more btc example 2: Here all is ok, just you have too much btc to make a order, so the bot changes your amount equal to your "maximum amount to make a order" setting. For each situation/config, you have all detail in the lab. Other: Withelist; I've added a status for each coin in your whitelist, when you buy a coin from your whitelist, the status change from 0 to 1 and it will be ignored for 24 hours. So now in the whitelist mode, the bot ignore coin buyed the last 12 hour( from the bittrex api) + ignore 24h coin you have buyed (local) . I've also fixed some little bug in the interface config and in the stats page Hope you like it ! I'll keep you updated about the next update very soon , I'll add 3 suggestions
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    Hello I've just finished to update all bot (except @MycHo in 2/3 days because he is on poloniex ) It's the biggest update since the beginning : A full (and very simple) Trading Signals Trading signal is coming with a new mode "signal mode" You can now: - Make your own signals, Based on price and volume (that's the little surprise ) : Positive or negative percentage work . Also, you can choose 10 min, 30 min, 1h, 3h , 6h, 12h and 24h for the comparaison - Show your current signals - Delete your signal And see all logs and activity about the signals with 3 status : Available : Recent signal ! (< 5 min) ready for automatic buy with the bot Viewed : Viewed by the bot and probably buyed if you have enought btc available . expired : Signal expired, too old (> 5min) You have now 2 mode for your bot (default & signal) To enable the signal mode, just change the mode to "signal" in your interface configuration : You can switch as you want, no need to stop the bot All setting (max order , cagnotte,...) work too with the signal mode. You can use the default mode and use signal without buying, just for seeing A signal in "default" mode has no effect , it will be ignored . Just for info I tell how i do this : I get all markets from bittrex into my personal database every minutes, and i've made some scripts that check price and volume with your condition In the next update, I'll add a new page with some arrays for seeing all markets and make comparaisons . So, now you have an automatic bot that see markets and check signal with your conditions and buy/sell . Hope you'll like it
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    Telegram enables us to have a better communication. We can get feedback & help quicker and potential customers can get answers from current customers. In my experience, our community is very active in the Telegram channel. So, I can encourage you to join the band!
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    Yop Nouvelles mise à jour; New features: - Nouveau mode: Default (Whitelist) Maintenant vous pouvez spécifier les coins avec lesquels trade, vous avez juste besoin de switcher en mode "default (whitelist)" . La 1ère fois que vous utilisez la whitelist, pensez à stopper votre bot car vous devez attendre d'avoir une whitelist pour que le bot achète avec ce mode. Comme pour la blacklist, l'ajout/suppression est très simple: - Montant maximum pour créer un order Vous pouvez maintenant spécifier un montant maximum pour chaque trade: Exemple en condition réel: Si je veux , je peux acheter + de 40€ par order, mais j'ai régler l'option sur 40€. -ACHAT/VENTE manuel : Si vous voulez , vous pouvez acheter/vendre directement depuis votre interface , pensez juste à stopper votre bot avant ( ou alors il faut avoir un bon timing ) pour acheter: la 1ère entrée est le nom de la monnaie que vous souhaitez acheter, 2 le nombre de btc que vous souhaitez investir, 3 le prix auquel acheter (ask/bid) Quand vous validez votre action, vous aurez le résultat en détail venant de l'API, vous pouvez donc voir tout les détails de votre action (erreur , orderid) J'ai aussi ajouté une petite sécurité pour éviter le double-clic, les bouton achat/vente sont désactiver 5 secondes après exécution. J'ai aussi corriger quelques bug/problème: - Ajout d'un bouton remove pour la blacklist -Bug fixé lorsque des fois le bot vend puis achète le même coin: Maintenant les coins vendu sont blacklister pendant 15 heures ( indépendamment de votre blacklist personnel) - Bug de blakclist sur Poloniex fixé - Problème de date fixé -Ajout du nombre maximum d'open order dans le dashboard index (ex: 18/20) -Changement de l'entrée apisecret en entrée password - Problème fixé quand des fois l'affiche des btc dans l'historique de trade est au mauvais format - Loss control fixé - Re-positionnement du background. Et pour finir, j'ai un peu retoucher le design: Nouvelle page index: Nouvelle page tool: J'espère que vous apprécierez le nouveau design et les nouvelles fonctions
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    Hello We have created a group for our community on telegram & discord. Discord (FR & EN): https://discord.gg/Sny4rYr Discuss about bot , strategy & crypto ! Custom support & pre-sales question also possible Join us!
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    That's the amazing thing of Crypto-php bot - I could set it from home, check it from my phone and then control it from work. Excellent!
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    Wow, awesome answer @coinjack1337 All it's say ! Hope that help you @Karim Alayli
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    1) The bot only supports bittrex and poloniex and you will need one license for every exchange. 2) You should have no open orders and only BTC in your wallet. 3) You will get a personal VPS from crypto-php with every license running 24/7. 4) I recommend at least 0.1 BTC balance per exchange. .. the support team will greatly help you setting up the bot All in all the bot is simple to use though. Happy trading!
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    Yop Je viens de finir de mettre à jour tout les bots . La plus grosse mise à jour depuis le lancement Une interface simple et complète pour créer et suivre vos signaux d'achat. Cette fonction arrive un nouveau mode "signal" Vous pouvez maintenant : - Créer vos propres signaux Basé sur le prix et le volume. : Vous pouvez utiliser un pourcentage positif ou negatif. Aussi, vous pouvez choisir 10 min, 30 min, 1h, 3h , 6h, 12h et 24h pour les comparaison - Voir vos signaux acutel - Supprimer vos signaux Et voir les logs et l'activité des signaux avec 3 status: Available : Signal récent ! (< 5 min) prêt pour un achat automatique avec le bot Viewed : Vue par le bot et probablement acheter si vous avez assez de btc . expired : Signal expiré , trop vieux (> 5min) Vous avez maintenant 2 modes pour le bot (default & signal) Pour activé le mode signal, sélectionner "signal" dans "bot mode " . Vous pouvez switcher autant que vous le voulez , pas besoin de stopper le bot . Tout les options (max order , cagnotte,...) fonctionne aussi avec le mode signal. Vous pouvez utilisez le mode défault et juste vous servir des signaux sans acheter avec le bot Un signal en mode "default" n'aura aucune conséquence sur votre futur achat, il sera ignoré par le bot . Juste pour info je vous dis comment je procède : Je récupére tout les markets bittrex (prix & volume/ ) à chaque minutes dans ma base de données, et j'ai créer quelques script qui check tout ca avec vos conditions (signal que vous avez créer) Dans la prochaine mise à jour, je vais ajouter une nouvelle pages avec quelques tableaux pour profiter un peu plus des signaux et des comparaisons . Voila, maintenant vous avez un bot automatique qui se sert des signaux que vous avez créer pour acheter/vendre J'espère que vous allez apprécier !
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    I'll add this to the next tiny update , 2 days maximum !
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    Hi A news stats page is now available on all bots by clicking on the new icon : There are not many settings for now , but i think you can see some statistics in detail. 1st , you have a percentage of your volume/trade/btc/ change since 24 h Below 3 blocks with some general stats , let's see: Also you , can see you volume/trade/btc by some duration in a array It work too to see how many trade by coin: And for the end, you can see your history by day or by coin like this : Hope you'll like it More settings/stats will be added in future based on your suggestion, as usual
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    Its promising ! Please update mine when you'll have negative % only ... I won't use positive % anyway.
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    Hi I've just updated all bots to fix some little things : Percentage: Now your pourcentage start at 0% not (-x % to your buy price ). So if you sell at +5% when you see +5% on your open order list, you're in your sell price. If you see 0% the buy price and current price are the same It makes more sense... Color info: When you're in postive , color of percentage will be green. -0.01% to -14.99% , orange. - 15% and more, red. Others: - Fixed wrong date in your bittrex page - Fixed timezone problem in trade history - Added new column "buy price"
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    So does -4% now means that current price has gone 4% below the buying price?
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    Great! These little improvements were needed, thank you!
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    Bravo... Great Work dude.... Keep it up and going. I feel we are moving towards a world class product.
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    Very good, must check few Days the delisting List For all you find the list on Bittrex when you click on Bittrex Website Status, then Scroll down German Language was good, no joke englisch is ok... Thanks for the work...I have 35% in the loss control...i think thats ok
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    Yes we have been talking about a stop loss feature and also being able to blacklist a coin so you dont buy it again...keep the ideas coming we can make this script elite...just hope we are grandfathered in at $12 when he raises the price to $125 =p
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    I think it would be a great feature to have and would become very famous. I am sure your current and potential customers; either at bitcointalk or anywhere, would love it. Replied to your PM.