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    Hi ! I'm very excited to announce that CRYPTO-PHP is now supporting ALTS markets To all current user, please do a CTRL+F5 on your interface. The following markets are now available for trading: Binance: BTC,ETH,BNB,USDT Bittrex: BTC,ETH,USD,USDT This will include some major change on CRYPTO-PHP , see the following: (Please note that I used a little amount to test all features on my "dev bot"t, but of course it will work with a larger amount) - Main & secondary balances Main Balance : Your Main Balance is in Bitcoin (BTC) , everything on your wallet is converted to BTC and added to your main balance. The Main Balance is visible on all pages and on your homepage in the BALANCES (BTC & ALTS MARKETS) block Secondary Balances : Secondary balances are the balances on different markets, so you can see your profits / losses on different markets in addition to the main balance. Secondary balances include the amount of base pair + all open orders linked to that pair. Secondary balances are visible from your home page in the BALANCES (BTC & ALTS MARKETS) block. Example of secondary balance: - The first balance (BTC) include all the orders on the market BTC (ex: BTC-LTC, BTC-WAVES, ...) + all your BTC available on your wallet (unlike the main balance which is also in BTC, this secondary balance does not include others markets) - The second balance (ETH) include all the orders on the ETH market (ex: ETH-LTC, ETH-WAVES, ...) + all your ETH available on your wallet Reference amount: Insert a reference amount for each markets to see your profit/loss on your balances. It's also possible to update theses amounts by clicking on the update icon in the BALANCES (BTC & ALTS MARKETS) block on your home page . - Easy ALTS trading using Mining Hamster and Crypto Quality Signals : - Amount for each markets on your configuration page (removed minimum and maximum) : - Easy FIAT and BASE MARKET value on tables (trade history, open orders, trailing , ...) : - Save BNB function for BINANCE: - Manual: Select your market to place your order: - Manual: Easy Exchange between base pairs : - Manual: New trailing box : Brand new step by step tutorial with introduction and updated tooltips: I updated the interface to be easier than ever, for this, I removed the following page: - Lab - /Exchange And also removed the following (and useless) features : - Semi auto mode - Signal maker - Custom signal No more confusion between the signal mode or the amount for each order etc ... Everything is much easier to use . Hope you'll like it !