Everything you need to start trading!

CRYPTO-PHP is an automated cryptocurrency trading bot. Use your general configuration to trade 24/7 on your favourite exchange.
Bot hosted on a cloud VPS with a custom & SSL domain.
EXCHANGES: Binance, Bittrex

Signal support:
- Full support for Mining Hamster and Crypto Quality signals
- Homemade signal mode and custom url to use an external json output

Simple interface:
- Interface easy to understand,do your configuration in less than 1 min and start your bot with one click, monitor the activity in your home page.
- The trailing stop and trailing profit are very easy to use, do your config one time and let the bot work for you. Check all activity in your logs.
- You won't to use the trailing script ? Put your sell percentage in your config page and that's all !

Last update: December 1st 2018
[UPDATE] New signals pages, full signals log, market order,discord live trades & new general features

Features (full list)

Do the best with your partner Mining Hamster, "world's most successful trading signals".

Default mode

Programmed to trade as it possible, select how the bot get the pairs (best volume, low, custom volume, ...) and trade until you reach your max order

Trade signal

Using your general configuration, or the semi auto mode, trade all signals from your providers. You can use multiple providers at the same time.

Fast signals buying

Buy a signal from your providers in less than 1 sec. We use a faster system than the traditional API system

Use your signal

It's a general API system that allow you to trades your signals on crypto-php. Use your URL or send a signal to your bot

Config for your signals

Use datas from your signals provider with your config, do an unique configuration for each provider

Full auto/Semi auto signals

Full auto using your general config or semi-auto mode that allow you to create a dedicated config and use buy/sell button + autosell/autobuy in your main page

Amount using btc/fiat

Select the minimum and maximum amount to use for each order, using a btc or fiat amount

Max order setting

Select with how many order you want to trade

Inteligent timer / Order expiration

Cancel a buy order after x minutes if it's not filed, if it's possible the bot will trade with your filed amount

Stop loss / Stop buy

Easy loss control to cut your loss. Select your loss value in your config page using bid,ask or last. When your order reach this loss percentage, the order is sold


Use your unique canotte system to save x% btc on each trade. Change the percentage and the amount of your cagnotte at any time, use the cagnotte to boost an order.

Check price/condition

Before buying a coin, you can check the last price and some conditions, if the conditions are not ok , the bot will not trade the coin


Add/remove a coin to your blacklist/whitelist and trade or ignore as you want

Dedicated manual page

Buy/sell/cancel, program your order, check your wallet and current order, use the holding system, check all infos about a coin

Full tutorial on interface

Let yourself be guided on your first run by the dynamic tutorial , check at any time the text tutorial or the bubble info on each configuration blocks

Stats page

A complete stats page with chart, do a search by coin or by date, check your volume by days,weeks,months, export your history , ...

Test your config

In the LAB page, you can test your configuration before starting your bot and determine the cause of an error

Free Support

Using ticket system , email or discord, no premium support.

And more !
Crypto Quality Signals, free & premium signaling service
  • 1
    Place your order

    Create a new invoice and follow the instructions, 3 clicks only, no account or registration required

  • 2
    Do your configuration

    Use your login detail to open the url of your bot, read the tutorial and make your configuration

  • 3
    Click on START & enjoy your life

    That's all ! Just check your bot sometime to see what's happen, but no more action are required, your bot is now running 24/24 7/7 !


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a telegram or discord channel ?

No telegram, but we have a discord : discord.gg/Sny4rYr .

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept: Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash & Ethereum .

Can I change my exchange later?

Sure ! Just open a support ticket and we'll do it for you and for free .

Do you have a contract?

Nope, no engagement .

Crypto-PHP, Bot 100% homemade!

Available languages: English, French and German

SUPPORT: English and French