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Crypto-php is a simple bitcoin/altcoin trading bot, 4 automated modes, 2 manual modes and 3 signaling services (Our ,Mining hamster & CryptoQualitySignals). Each bot run on a personal VPS 24/7 with a personal & protected SSL domain, you have a full control with a personal interface with many features , it work on BINANCE, POLONIEX & BITTREX .

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Latest News: 01 June 2018: [UPDATE] Trade now on Binance with Crypto-PHP

Signaling services available on Crypto-PHP:


Features (full list)


Clear interface easy to understand,do your configuration in less than 1 min and start your bot with one click, monitor the activity in your home page.


Do your config and choose between the default mode, the signal maker mode or connect your mining hamster account to buy a signal only 1 sec after you receive it.


You won't use the automate mode ? Check our manual mode & our holding system. Or maybe you want to buy a signal with a buy button ? Check the MH interface ;)


Do more with your bot

Configuration page

Simple configuration

Your configuration work with all modes, do you configuration only one time and select your favourite mode

Minimum/Maximum amount(FIAT or BTC) to make an order, timer to cancel an order not filed order after x min ,auto-sell after buy at (x)%, stop loss, blacklist/whitelist, save your btc with our cagnotte system, select how the bot get the pairs (Best volumes/Custom volumes),cancel/sell your open order(s) with 3 click from your interface,auto-stop function that monitor bitcoin price to prevent altcoin market dump,secure & personal subdomain & VPS, with SSL support , ...

3 automated modes: Default, Signal maker and Mining hamster signal
2 manual mode: Manual interface & Mining hamster interface

Automated mode

Just do your configuration one time and let the bot run 24/24

The automated modes are very easy to use.
In default mode the bot select the pair based on your configuration (temp blacklist, blacklist,whitelist, current volume, current price) . After your order is 100% filed, the bot make the sell order for you, at your price , then you can check the status of your order in your main page, you can also use a timer to cancel an order not filed after x min , use your stop loss to auto-sell a order if the price fall to x%, ...

With the signal maker mode, you can create a signal if the price/volume of a market change to x%, you specify the price or volume, the percentage, and the duration. When a market hit your signal, the bot buy this coin (if all is ok in your config (whitelist/blacklist,current price, reset time ...) and place a sell order with your price . You can create as many signals as you want, remove/check them at any time.

Maybe you want to connect mining hamster to your account ?
Mining hamster can send you all of these signal in your bot, without 3rd party, our special script can buy a signal in less than 1 sec . We guarantee a maximum delay of 5 sec between the signal and the bot action made by your bot. You can also create a little config only for mining hamster:
- Check the current price of the signal, if the percentage difference is greater than x%, ignore it.
- Place your order with the signal price
- Buy only a specific signal mode
- And sure, all your general config work with ;)

Main page
Configuration page

Program your order / buy a signal manually

Maybe you want to let your bot running in a automated mode and do some manual action at the same time ? It's possible with crypto php.

- Check your Manual page to see all coins in your wallet and all your open orders.
- Easy & instant buy/sell in one click with a quick view on the last price of your coin
- Program your order by date,price, or the two combined to place an order with a specific condition
- Use our holding function to simply hold your coin and check your profit/loss,sell it with 2 click only.
- Use a dedicated amount for your manual interface to use it when a automated mode is running
- Check all your manual activity and pending action with a simple status (executed,executed & filed, cancelled , ...)
- Cancel your order / make a new one

Mining hamster interface

Use this standalone mode to check all mining hamster signal in real time and do your buy/sell action

Manual action, or automated action, is what you want :) Everything on this page is in real time ! You can use this interface to click on the buy button when a signal appears and sell your coin with one click when you want . It's possible to do a little config only for this standalone mode :
- Specify your amount for the next buy action
- Use a dedicated amount only for this interface, to use it when a automated mode is enabled
- Autobuy a signal when you receive it
- Autosell a signal after your buy order is filed (example: buy + place order at x price in the second)
- Ignore a signal if the percentage difference is greater than x%, using your value (ask,bid,last)
- Buy only a specific signal mode
- Place order with the signal price
- Use your general blacklist
- And sure : Check in real time the profit/loss and the status of your coin & orders
- We guarantee a maximum delay of 2 seconds between the signal date and your buy action (if you use the autobuy) with this interface (called MH interface)

Mining hamster interface

Live chat on discord, support ticket, community forum

We provide a support to help all of our customers by a simple ticket system or on discord.
We have a very useful community, you can talk about the bot or what you want on your forum . It's also possible to share your suggestion/idea/review on the forum, be sure to get a quick reply by our team :) We have already added many of requested features !

  • 1
    Create an Account & place your order

    Create your account in 20 sec and order the bot in our store, you'll receive the url of your bot in a delay of 12h maximum

  • 2
    Do your configuration

    Use your login detail to open the url of your bot, read the tutorial and make your configuration

  • 3
    Click on START & enjoy your life

    That's all ! Just check your bot sometime to see what's happen, but no more action are required, your bot is now running 24/24 7/7 !

Main page

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a telegram or discord channel ?

No telegram, but we have a discord : discord.gg/Sny4rYr .

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept: Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash & Ethereum .

Can I change my exchange later?

Sure ! Just open a support ticket and we'll do it for you and for free .

Do you have a contract?

Nope, no engagement .

Crypto-PHP, Bot 100% homemade!

Available languages: English, French and German

SUPPORT: English and French